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Alumni.NET groups all have geographic locations. Please select the location of your school, company, or group.:
We're currently still fixing the Ukraine listing, and don't know where these organizations should be located. If you know which town and district some of the schools below are located, please email with 'Ukraine Listing' as your email subject. Thank you!

Agroecology University In Ukraine In Zhytomyr
Bogomoletz National Medical University
Chernivtsy National University
Crimean State Medical Institute,Crimea
Dnepropetrovsk Railway Transport Academy
Donetsk National Technical University
East Ukrainian State University
Educational Network Ukraine
International Christian University
International Institute of Civil Aviation Kiev
International Institute of Linguistics and Law
Ivan Franko State University of Lviv
Kharkiv National Medical University
Kharkov Aviation Institute
Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute
Kharkov Engineering Economic Institute
Kharkov Polytechnic Institute - Kharkov
Kharkov State University
Kharkov State University of Medecine
Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers
Kiev National Economic University
Kiev Polytechnic
Kiev-Mohyla Academy
Kirovograd Agricultural Machine Building Institute
Krivoy Rog Mining Institute
L'viv State University
Lugansk State Medical University
Lviv Institute of Management
Lviv Medical University
Lviv Polytechnic
Lviv Theological Academy
Lvov State Conservatory
Lvov Trade and Economic Institute
Maxim Gorky Donetsk State Medical University
National Mining University of Ukraine
National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev Polytechnic Institute
National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine
Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute - Nikolayev
Odessa Art College
Odessa Civil Engineering Institute
Odessa State Academy of Food Technology
Odessa State Maritime Academy
Odessa State Medical University
Odessa State Politechnic University
Odessa State University
Ostroh Academy National University
Rivne State Humanitarian University
Rivne State Technical University
Slavyansk College of Chemical Technology
Sumy State University
Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev
Tavrichesky Institute of Business and Legal Studies
Technological University of Podillia
Ternopil Medical Students Association
Uzhgorod State University
Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University
Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Vinnitsa State Technical University
Vinnitza State Medical University
Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
Zaporozhye State Medikal University

High School

145 School of Physics and Mathematics
Dnepropetrovsk High School No. 97
First City Gymnasium of Cherkassy
Grammar School in Striy
Kiev Fiz-Math School No.145
Kiev Lyceum No. 77
Kiev Phys-Math School No. 173
Kiev School No. 173
Kiev School No. 200
Kiev School No. 210
Kiev School No. 26
Kiev School No. 48
Kiev School No. 52
Kiev School No. 69
Kiev Secondary School
Kiev Secondary School No.177
Kiev Shkola No. 7, Zheleznodorozhniy Rayon
Kiev's School No. 33
Kiev's School No. 45
Lugansk School
Lutsk Gymnasium No. 4
Lviv School No. 56
Lviv 35 School
Lvov School No 56
Lvov School No. 9
Lvov's School No. 52
Odessa High School No. 116
Odessa School No. 10
Odessa School No. 22
Odessa School No. 47
Odessa School No. 49
Odessa School No. 77
Rohatyn School No. 2
School - Gimnasium No. 9
School No. 15
School No. 61, Kiev, Lukyanovka
Secondary School No. 48
Simferopol Specialized English School No. 7
Sokal State School No. 3
Zaryanskaya School, Dnepropetrovskaya Oblast

Primary School

Elementary/Middle School


DS Company Limited
Pacific Maritime


Odessa Music College

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