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Topic:St. Matthias Student - 1995-1997
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Bukola KolawoleHi, this is Bukola. I am presently in Canada and I was just hoping to connect with someone at Saint Matthias.My email address is Kola_bukola@aol.caEmail me if you think you know me or just to say hi.Remember Sweet heart that God Loves You.Bukola Kolawole

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Folashade OwoselaHi,Its nice to see that there are other St. Matthias students who wish to get in contact with other alumni. I remember your name, but I can't connect a face with it. What set did you graduate with? I was in the 2001 set. I'm in Maryland, USA and my email addy is (Yeah I know it's weird) I'm currently in touch with people like Ronke Ajayi, Yetunde Oderinde, Funke Ladele, and a few others. I hope these names seem familiar to you. I could always give you their email addresses if you want. Well, I hope to hear from you soon. This is Sade Owosela signing out. God Bless.Sade

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